About us:
We are a small indie game studio that consists of a two dedicated players that decided that they wanted to create games that brought back the challenges and feelings of achievement when you accomplish things within the game.
So after many years of playing computer games with a focus of roleplaying games and MMO's then we finally decided to create our first game fantasy themed roleplaying game - The Curse of Ashenby. 
The team consists of two persons currently:
Mikael Stridh (41 years old) - Designer, Level Designer, Core System
Mikael was the the one that took the initiative to start working on a game project (The Curse of Ashenby), even without any prior experience with game making. The decision behind this came after many many years of playing computer games as well as old PnP roleplaying games. He was disgruntled by the fact that games these days are becoming more and more generic and easy to master. He would like to see a game that would bring a more harcore feeling to the game, where you had to think before you act, where your decision decide on how well your will progress within the game. He wanted to bring back the feeling of accomplishment when you become victorious in a fight that gave you so much challenge that you doubted if you would survive or not. All these thoughts led to the beginning of creating The Curse of Ashenby.
Mikael then asked Jimmy Lind if he would like to join the project where his programming skills would come handy.
Jimmy Lind (39 years old) - Designer & Programmer
Jimmy Lind is an experienced scripter, even though he as Mikael also have no prior experience with game creation. He will primary focus will be on making customizations to the game to adjust it to the direction we are aiming for. The key thing thing is that Mikael and Jimmy share the same passion for gaming, and also share the same ideas on how we want the game to be done.